Ameeba aka amoeba is a type of cell that has the ability to alter its shape, moving by means.
Like an ameeba, we move by means. We are paixonate about digital design and experiences and want to ensure that our work has a meaningful impact in users.

Ameeba Shapes has been on the market since 2018, with a team that brings +10 years of experience from work with industry leaders to deliver smart solutions that make Enterprise Software and B2B Products great.
12 Clients
With amazing ideas
3 Countries
USA, Portugal & UK
25 Projects
and counting...
8 Business areas
Financial Services; Mobility, Healthcare; Quality Assurance; Telco; HR; Energy; Education
Designing to improve your experience

What we bring to your business
"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design." Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover
The most effective way to drive engagement and loyalty for your business is to have a high quality experience. The more cohesive and meaningful the user experience, the more customers / employees are willing to engage and form a relationship with a product.
We work with processes like User Centered Design and Evidence-Based Design, where decisions are grounded in rational methodology and meticulous data review.

Reduce development inefficiencies and costs
Defining usability requirements up front, we avoid re-work and reduce deadlocks.

You can meet your users exact need and release products that are a joy to own. We maximise your products usability and experience.

Board Team
Gabriela Bonito
Founder & Lead Designer
Gabriela is a product designer specialised in User Experience and Interface Design with more than 10 years designing for several areas. In the last 5 years she has been working in innovation and leading design teams.
Edmundo Ramos
Senior Interface Designer
Edmundo has 18 years of experience designing native and web apps for several business areas. His focus on design systems and good technical background bring a big boost to implementation teams.
Jessica Costa
Illustrator & Visual Designer
Jessica has a strong graphic design and illustration background. She has more than 5 years of experience in graphic and digital design and she is an enthusiastic and creative illustrator and graffiti writer.

Lála de Las Veigas
Lála is a Chief Security Officer since 2018. She is responsible for maintaining the coolest and relaxed environment in the office, making sure everybody is safe and in a peaceful creative place.
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We are currently looking for a Visual Designer (freelancer).
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